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The 10MB Hotmail & Yahoo Alternative

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Welcome One & All

If you have been a Hotmail & Yahoo mail member in the past, or present like i am, you will have noticed that Yahoo & Microsoft have made DRASTIC changes in the way their free e-mail services work. Most noticable is the new account size restrictions. Hotmail expects members to pay a fee to upgrade their popular e-mail service to a 10MB size. To futher FORCE members to upgrade, Hotmail has put STRICT account size restrictions in place. If your account exceeds the 2MB size, you could very well lose messages. You don't have to lose messages, and you don't have to pay to upgrade. You have an alternative...

Boxfrog Offers 10MB E-mail Accounts For FREE!!!
That's right. You don't have to upgrade your Hotmail account to enjoy a 10MB internet-based e-mail address. Boxfrog gives you a fully functioning e-mail address with plenty of space for FREE!!!

No longer will you have to mess around with Hotmail warnings about critical account sizes, etc. Boxfrog gives you more than enough space for all your e-mailing needs, at the same time offering a comparable level of service. You'll be hard pressed to exceed the account size of this free e-mail provider.

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